Author: BellaDonna
Story Title: Glowing circumstances
Gen or Slash: gen
Rating: PG
Complete or WIP: complete
Category: drabble, humor, mpreg
Disclaimer: The characters don't belong to me, I'm just using them to create a story for fun. No copyright infringement is intended.
Notes: challenge response for me_and_thee_100 #27 'glow'
Summary: Hutch, are you okay?

Glowing circumstances
by Belladonna

„Hutch, are you okay?“

-“Why shouldn't I be?“

„I was wondering. You're acting strangely.“

-“I'm not.“

„Yes, you are. You've been eating strange stuff, well stranger than usual. And you've been moody. One minute you're happy, the next you're acting like somebody killed your goldfish...“

-“I don't have...“

„...and for Gods sake, if you're coming down with something, just stay home.“

-“I told you I'm sorry I puked in the Torino yesterday. I'm not sick, probably just something I've eaten at one of those restaurants you've dragged me into last week.“

„Maybe you should see a doctor. You uh...glow.“