Author: BellaDonna
Story Title: Home
Gen or Slash: Gen
Rating: G
Category: snippet
Disclaimer: This is a work of fan-fiction. All here fore used characters belong rightfully to Paramount and I just borrowed them. The only profit I hope to achieve with this is the pure pleasure of the reader, so no copyright infringement intended. Please do not sue me, I don’t have money and I won’t be getting some from this story.
Notes: This story takes place at the end of the final season of Voyager and displays the thoughts of Seven about an upcoming return home, to Earth.


by Belladonna

“We are going home!”

I do remember well how it had been when the Captain told us this. It is not so long ago and for the Crew it had been the best news for a long time. All of them are excited about it, excited to come home, finally. They cannot await to be home again, but what about me?
They all have left someone behind they want to return to. But I didn’t leave anybody behind I can return to, on Earth nobody waits for me. There is nobody who would await me, who could probably wait for me there.
On the contrary, for now I will have somebody left behind when we will return to Earth.
I was Borg. For many years the Borg have been my family, they raised me and I was one of them. They were my family and my home, they were all I ever had for a long time, even my parents who are still Borg and who I will have to leave behind once we will return. I have left them all behind, my family, my parents in the Collective the moment my link to them was severed, once I was freed. I have never seen my parents again and when we will finally return I will never see them again, I will never have the chance to get them back, too.
But with my separation from the Collective mind I have found a new family, a new place I belong to and that is now mine. Here on Voyager is my new family, the Crew my new Collective and I am glad to be a part of them now. To be here is my life, my new life and it is all I have now, all I would wish for now and what I would do anything to keep.
Voyager has become my family now, my home I have returned to long ago.
I don’t have to return to Earth to find my home, for Voyager is my home and the Crew my family, the place I always wanted to be and want to stay.