Author: BellaDonna
Story Title: Still life (the mad author remix)
Gen or Slash: slash
Rating: R for naughty pictures
Complete or WIP: complete
Category: snippet, crackfic
Disclaimer: The characters don't belong to me, I'm just using them to create a story for fun. No copyright infringement is intended.
Notes: Once upon a time there was a snippet called „Still life“ It was born out of an idea I've had after some comments made on Marion's LJ. And then the evil twisted mind of mine decided to create another remix of that story idea.
Summary: I knew this would be trouble when I asked him to pose for me...

Still life – the mad author remix
by Belladonna

I knew this would be trouble when I asked him to pose for me.

First, he cannot sit still long enough for me to draw him in position, never could do that anyways. So what was I doing there, asking him in the first place? Chalk that one up to naivety. Oh yeah, and he's supposed to be lying down, so it's not exactly sitting, right?

Secondly, when I asked him, I had never really expected him to actually agree to pose nude for me, truly I didn't. Put that point up for wishful thinking. Hey, sometimes it works, you know?

And thirdly, how the hell am I going to hide my reaction from him? You guessed right, that one goes right to the dumb blond too, hooray for stupidity.

But then, I suppose I always have my sketch pad to hide behind if all else fails. And lucky for me, it's a big one.

Here we are now, him in front of me, naked like on the day he was born, only with everything fully grown and on a lovely display for me. And me with my sketch pad, holding onto my pencil like it was my only hope for sanity and imagining it was something else in my hands – so much for my sanity but at least I'm feeling much better.
I really have to get a better grip ...erm, I have to get a better hold on myself ... damnit, I have to handle this better or otherwise he'll notice. On the other hand though, if I got a better grip on myself, he'd most definitely notice. But there's that I guess.

So back on the problem at hand, well it wouldn't be that much a problem if I actually could use my hand either ... must think innocent thoughts....he looks so innocent lying there, just like an angel with this heavenly body of his...remember those innocent thoughts? Right now would be very nice to have them and a lot of them. Make that a whole lot.
And he looks so tempting, I want to lick, nibble, bite...

But instead I am pondering on how the hell I am supposed to draw that throbbing and pulsating vein underneath his rising cock.
Huh, what do you know. Guess there's still life in this still life after all.