Author: Belladonna
Story Title: Surprise me
Gen or Slash: Slash
Rating: PG (nekkid body parts mentioned)
Category: snippet
Disclaimer: The characters don't belong to me, I'm just using them to create a story for fun. No copyright infringement is intended.
Notes: This is an old idea that came to me while watching a TV commercial. I borrowed that particular idea and threw the boys in the mix. Hope you enjoy, my first attempt at anything slashy.

Surprise me

David Starsky was a man of many talents and sure as hell somebody who did nothing by halves. That he definitely had proved during the last passionate hours with his lover. Nobody could take him unprepared, not in the jungle during his stint with the army nor on the streets when he was with his partner. He had been born ready, in more ways than just one.

The pale moonlight that filtered slightly through the windows bathed the bedroom in a silvery light and his naked form lying there on the rumpled sheets of their bed, curly hair mussed, his body muscular and well endowed to satisfy all his lovers needs. And said lover hadn't complained, not in the past few years of their relationship nor definitely not in the last few sweaty hours of lovemaking. He knew his partner inside out, everything about him, every curve, muscle, hair and dimple on his body, even his scent wasn't foreign to Starsky. And he loved it all.

No, nobody could sneak up on him and take him by surprise, that hadn't worked while he'd been in the army nor did it today – except his lover.

He never heard Hutch sneaking up towards him, never got his musky scent or that anything else was different or would reveal his lover until he felt it, soft warm lips on his skin.

Starsky never thought anything could surprise him, but on this day Hutch did the impossible ... just pressing a soft kiss on his naked butt.