Author: BellaDonna
Story Title: The car
Gen or Slash: Gen
Rating: G
Complete or WIP: complete
Category: snippet, AU
Disclaimer: The characters don't belong to me, I'm just using them to create a story for fun. No copyright infringement is intended.
Summary: It all started with that damn car...

The car
by Belladonna

It all started with the new car, that damn new car. I curse the day he bought it. No, better the day he first had the stupid idea to buy it, because that truly was the root of all the evil that followed.

Yeah, yeah, I know cursing is frowned upon here, but I think this time it is truly justified

It seems like he's gotten a new kind of self-confidence with it, one he didn't possess before. Not that he was in need of more self-confidence in general, God knows he wasn't. But since Starsky – and I only call him that now, since with all the frustrated David! shouting it had been mostly others who reacted and not the man in question, the source of all my misery – yeah, well ever since Starsky bought the new car a couple of weeks ago it seems like he became, aside the otherwise quite welcomed rise in self-confidence, a lot more cocky as well, something he most definitely hadn't been in dire need of!

Yeah, I hadn't thought that possible either, but I found myself getting taught a lesson by the white-striped monstrosity he had bought. I don't know what one can find about such a rolling coke can likeable or how in the world it could be fun to actually ride down the streets in it, but then I never really was able to understand Starsky completely. Somehow he still has a few surprises stored for me even or rather especially when I had been so sure that nothing he did could surprise me.
And when I had thought my job was hard already, with this striped tomato on wheels it acutally has become a lot harder now.

Not only the fast driving and the way he does his driving, one that has made me incredibly thankful for the „oh shit“ handle - yeah, I do need one as well, I bet they just invented one for us because of drivers like that - but also the astonishingly high recognition rate with the bad guys he goes against every day aren't making my job easier.
Why in the world he thought it a great idea to have such an easily identified car defies any logical explanation, more so since he's thinking about getting involved in undercover operations as well.
Not in that car I hope.
Well, they say hope is the last one to die, so I guess I'm doomed. He really does live to make my life miserable and my job extra difficult and hell.

And again, it hadn't exactly been an easy one before the car.

My job, you're asking? Well, as his partner I have to protect him, keep his back clear and always have his six.
And believe me when I say that if I ever hadn't exactly envied one of the other guardian angels for their less than easy charge, those couldn't have been worse than my Starsky. Those so called problem charges have nothing on him, nothing! They might bitch and rant, but in reality they have gotten the easier job.

On the contrary, sometimes now I truly envy them.