Author: BellaDonna
Story Title: It isn't Vegas, but what happens at the Pits should probably stay there as well
Gen or Slash: slash (sort of)
Rating: PG-13
Complete or WIP: complete
Category: snippet, crackfic, mpreg
Disclaimer: The characters don't belong to me, I'm just using them to create a story for fun. No copyright infringement is intended.
Notes: this was inspired by a drabble from vedette_ciel called „Crestfallen“ which has in turn been the starting point for two wonderful „normal“ drabble series. This long piece has been inspired by my drabble version of the sequel challenge, on crack ;) It also has been heavily influenced by another drabble from true_brit called „What happens on Vega“ and is borrowing an idea from Star Trek Enterprise.
Summary: You just shouldn't stick your fingers everywhere without protection...

It isn't Vegas, but what happens at the Pits should probably stay there as well
by Belladonna

This is what happens when you stick your fingers somewhere without using protection...
„Just the man I was looking for.“ Huggy greeted Hutch, smiling broadly. Hutch immediately was suspicious.

„What do you mean?“ He asked hesitantly, already fearing the worst. „We told you, we'd pay the tab when our pay check arrives next week, Hug.“

„It's not about the tab, but good to know you haven't forgotten 'bout it, bro. And it's growing by the day.“ Huggy told him, still wearing that quite irritating grin.

„So, what was it you wanted then?“ Hutch felt hugely relieved it hadn't been the tab after all. „Can't you ask Starsky instead?“

„Wouldn't work with him.“ Huggy muttered under his breath, then told Hutch he especially needed him for this.

„See, my cousin Charles brought me this thing over“, Huggy explained, pulling out a huge box from under the bar. It was filled with small transparent cubes. „It's a new game he'd already tried and been very satisfied with the results. Might put it next to the pinball machines if it works here.“

„Okay, I'm game. What could happen anyways?“ Hutch sat down at the bar, opposite of Huggy. Then he eyed the box. He had a feeling that it probably wasn't such a good idea but shoved it away. There couldn't really anything bad happen with a box filled with what looked like ice cubes, could there? But what kind of game that was supposed to be, he had no idea whatsoever. „How do you play it, Hug?“

„Just put your hands into it...“

It works wonders, it really does...
„Think I should leave, Hug. Not feeling so good suddenly...“ Hutch stood up, swaying slightly. „It's late, I think. Don't think I can help you with the test run of that game...“

„But you already have.“ Huggy told Hutch, patting his shoulder affectionately and steadying him. „It worked jus' like it was supposed to.“

„Oh, then maybe it's the alcohol getting to me, I could swear we hadn't even started.“ Hutch frowned, trying to remember but he couldn't. Not even whether he'd actually drunk anything or not.

„Here, Hutch. This is Huggy Bear's guaranteed 'Deadsure Hangover Cure'. Completely herbal, so don't you worry 'bout nothing. Take two of those“, Huggy grabbed one of Hutch's hands, popped two pills on the outstretched palm from an unlabeled small white bottle and made him swallow them before the other could even think of protesting. Huggy then uncharacteristically proceeded to shove him in the direction of the exit.
„If it's better, thank me in the morning.“

Dangerous side effects may include...pregnancy?
the next morning
All in all, it had been quite a normal morning for Hutch. When he'd woken up, he'd had no idea it wouldn't be one of those mornings, but become instead one of those mornings.

Feeling unusually tired and dizzy, he blamed it all on a possible hangover; he must've been drinking heavily last night. Usually that method worked pretty well and after one of his health shakes he'd be feeling completely human again. It would be a sure thing.

„'Deadsure hangover cure', yeah right.“ Muttering grumpily to himself, Hutch shuffled slowly towards the bathroom. Right now with a headache that big, the only thing he really wished for, was that he was dead. And that was sure.

The pressure on his bladder increased, demanding immediate release and so did this sickly feeling in the pit of his stomach, promising he would worship at the white altar of the porcelain god after all.
Hutch just wasn't sure which one he should be following first.

But when he got a good look at his nude form in the mirror, he instantly forgot about both of them.

Why does this always happen to me?

two days later
„Gimme another one, Hug.“ Hutch waved the empty beer glass towards the black man's direction.

„My, that hangover cure sure must've worked wonders.“ Huggy beamed, walking towards him, taking a good lood at Hutch for the first time since he'd had arrived. Hutch just sat slumped down on his chair at the bar, the quite oversized jacket hanging loosely on his frame.
„Oh, you can say that. Wonders doesn't even begin to describe it.“

„It did work then.“ Huggy stated, saying that more to himself than in answer to Hutch. He had wanted confirmation for what he'd already suspected had worked according to his wishes and it looked like he had just gotten it. But when watching Hutch more intently, the other man sure didn't seem to be happy about it. Huggy was a little confused at this new discovery. And of course, there was the continued drinking which concerned him. Who the hell had given the blond the alcohol, he sure wouldn't have given it to him, not after two nights ago the initial transfer had been a success. Must've been one of his waitresses.

„You sure, you should be drinking in your condition?“

„What do you know about my condition?“ Hutch snapped angrily and Huggy took a step back.

„Whoa, slow down, man. I mean Starsky tol' me you'd agreed. That you knew...“ Huggy tried to salvage the situation, but it was already too late. The damage had been done. Hutch eyed Huggy suspiciously, blue eyes fixing him with a cold stare.

„Did he now.“ Hutch's voice was pure steel. „Bring me another beer, Hug. In a pitcher. I don't want to hear anymore of this.“

Sometimes alcohol makes it all worse...
„Are you sure, you should be drinking in your condition?“

„Funny, Huggy told me the same thing.“ Hutch said without looking up, knocking back the rest of his beer. Of course Huggy had called Starsky. It was to be expected with all that had happened. Really, who else other than Starsky could he have called in this situation.

The other guilty party involved in this. Huggy had said so, though that might have been an accident on his part.

Hutch turned around, patting his slightly but already visibly swollen belly, facing his partner.
„Who knows, might be even good for it, whatever it is that's growing inside there.“

Starsky threw a glance towards Huggy, who was still wiping down the bar and wore a sheepish but guilty expression on his face. He knew he'd told the man to keep his mouth shut, Hutch wasn't supposed to know. Not now at least.

And most importantly, he wasn't to find out this way.

„Why did you tell him, Starsk? You promised me...“

„I didn't tell him, Hutch.“ Starsky began slowly, knowing this would be the moment of truth he'd been dreading ever since the whole thing had happened. Hutch blankly stared at him, not really understanding what his partner was trying to tell him.

„Then how could he know?“ His voice was pleading and Starsky couldn't look him in the eye.

„We needed a carrier, it was the only way for us...“ Hutch cut him off, not wanting to hear some lame ass explanation. Instead he repeated his original question.

„How could he know, Starsk?“

„Because it's his.“

The Dallas Effect
„Hey, Hutch!“ Huggy not quite gently shook him awake, then grabbed his shoulders so he wouldn't fall off the bar stool.

Hutch was confused for a moment, tried to figure out where he was. He groaned, holding his aching head.

„Ugh. I've had the strangest dream, Hug.“

„You sure were catching some serious zzz's there, man.“ Huggy told him in a compassionate tone. „Hard day at work getting to you or maybe you can't hold your liquor that good after all?“

„You have no idea, it was worse than that.“ Suddenly everything came rushing back with the force of a freight train hitting him straight on. Hutch quickly jumped off the chair, steadying himself at the bar with one hand as the room started spinning madly.
Hurriedly he then proceeded to pat down his body, making sure his stomach was as flat as it always had been and not distended, pulsating with the alien life growing inside he remembered from his dream.

He was very much aware of the strange looks Huggy gave him.

„Must've been some dream then, huh?“

„You don't want to know, Hug. Trust me.“ Hutch felt hugely relieved that everything was as it should be. That it all had been simply a dream.

„Oh, before you go“, Huggy pulled out a large box filled with clear glass cubes from under the bar, putting it in front of Hutch. „My cousin Charles sent this, said it might be interesting for the customers. Said it was some sort of new game. Wanna try it out with me?“

Author's notes: In case you've gotten a bit confused or have a huge question mark on your face, the thing with the box filled with glass cubes is the thing I've borrowed from Star Trek Enterprise. In one episode Commander Charles Tucker is on an alien ship and participates in what he believes is just a game. It involves sticking your hands in a box filled with clear cubes/spheres. And the next morning he finds that he's gotten pregnant. That pregnancy is then discovered to be a more or less unforseen „complication“ of the game ;)