Star Trek Enterprise - Trip/T'Pol "Eat me alive"

This wallscroll is my second ever vertical wallscroll and I'm really happy how it turned out. I've been wanting to do this one for quite a while now and now finally I got my butt up and made it. I've been inspired by listening to the song 'Eat me alive' from Judas Priest for this one which has quite explicit lyrics (at least to my understanding). And what better than to use them for illustrating the motto that Enterprise seems to have had for season three (right next to the revenge, lots of revenge and did I mention the revenge thing?), sex sells or at least gets us ratings. Now I am not a shipper but I thought to jump on that waggon myself and try my hand at something explicit as well. I'd rate the artwork NC-17 and if it were a piece of fanfiction, I believe it would be labeled as PWP and plenty of smut. Well, bring on the smut then ;)

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