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Poltergeist the Legacy fanfiction written by myself

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...I always wanted to be like you, you've always been my role model, the man I wanted to be when I'd grow up, no matter what you did and I so much had hoped for you to say it at least once, to say that you loved me and that you had been pleased with what I had done and what I have been; that you had been proud of me... (excerpt from 'Missed chances')


by Belladonna

short stories

Missed chances

Nick came here to this grave all the passed years on this day, but this year it is harder for him, for this year he knows the truth and that he would never get a second chance to tell or hear the things he so much wishes for.  (also available in German)

Unspoken but not unheard

Sometimes we are not able to tell the ones that are close to our hearts what we truly feel about and for them, and then it is too late. But have all these things really been unheard?  (also available in German)

'twas the week before Christmas

It was the week before Christmas and chaos and plain uncensored fun ensued in the San Franciso Legacy House

Hot Shower live (NC-17!! Do not read if you are under-aged!!)

This one is just a short piece about Nick and is exactly what the title says. But I cannot say more without revealing the story completely *g*.

A tale of belief and faith

In a church two men meet who could not have been more different judging by their appearances but then are much more alike than their looks would lead you to believe. (PTL/X-Men x-over)  (also available in German)


serial fics

Poltergeist Series

This is a little series takes place after the final episode of PTL but is not seen as a virtual 5th season. It is only an epilogue to the show, each story centering around on different persons who were at the time of the final episode  members of the Legacy House in San Francisco. (Whole series available in German)