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Author’s notes: This story contains sexual situations and is labelled NPN (No Plot Noticeable). I created this new label for the story because PWP (Plot, What Plot?) usually refers - at least to my knowledge, and I can be mistaken there - to stories with same-sex-relationships that go straight for the deed and this one is definitely none of them. It is just a short piece about Nick, a woman and a very hot shower. Probably you’ll need a cold one afterwards, or a hot one, too?


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Hot shower live


by Belladonna



Outside it was already dark and the sun had long gone down over Angel Island but the inhabitants of the huge castle that was built on the inner piece of the small island were not sleeping yet. Instead the were sitting in one of the bigger rooms together and were busy talking, keeping their guests company. That meant all but one, for Nick Boyle had not yet returned to the mansion from his day off.


Right now that was no need for worrying on the minds of his fellow team-mates in the Legacy  House but with every passing minute in which the weather outside got worse it seemed as though the mood slightly decreased among them and they hoped that it would not influence their guests, too.


It was raining heavily now since the falling of raindrops had increased and in the distance the distinctive rumble of thunder was to be heard that usually accompanied the lightning during a storm. Then for what seemed to be a long time, the opening of the huge main entrance door of the house could be heard clearly, but one had had to be deaf to overhear the door being thrown shut by a truly pissed Nick. He was dripping wet from head to toe and his hair wild, around him already a small pool of water was slowly continuing to grow on the carpet.


Nick was fully soaking wet when he had entered the mansion and had thrown his jacked, equally wet like the rest of him, angrily to the side. The jeans he wore were tight and because of the rain they even had become tighter so that they now fit him like second skin and underlined his trained muscles on his legs. His shirt clung to his body like it had been glued or painted on and hinted at his well shaped upper body with his muscular torso and chest. His eyes were blazing with fury and he ran his hands through his dark hair to bring some order into it, but only managed to get more water running down from the wet strands.


Nick looked so incredibly sexy as he stood there in the entrance hall, through and thoroughly wet from the rain but all he was right now, was incredibly angry and his mood did not improve as long as he would be standing there and dripping water to the floor. He just had wanted to rip off his shirt when Derek stepped towards him.


“Where have you been, Nick?” he demanded to know without any greetings. “We were worried about you.”


“Yeah, a good evening to you too”, Nick shot back sarcastically. “My car broke down couple o’ miles from the house and I had to walk up here!” He added some curses to this which Derek was polite enough to ignore and then again Nick made a move to rip the damn shirt off, but stopped when he remembered that Derek was still standing next to him. Instead he shook his head and sent more water flying to all sides, adding more to the growing pool on the floor.


“Is that truly necessary?” Derek asked impatiently with a reprimanding glance and reminded the younger man than that they had guests in the house on this evening. “We have guests, in case you have forgotten.”


“Yeah, so what?” Nick snapped angrily. His beloved car had broken down and failed him, he had had to walk to the house which wouldn’t have been that bad had it not been for the rain and beginning thunderstorm that now howled around the towers. No, it was not the perfect evening Nick had imagined for himself, and all because of this darned car breaking down.


“I go and hit the shower”, he stated through clenched teeth and turned his back on Derek to move upstairs to where his room and the shower were waiting for him.


As he climbed up the stairs he forgot about Derek and everything else and with a quick movement he ripped off his shirt, revealing his muscular upper body while the water now ran freely down his exposed chest and back. Unnoticed from him Derek simply shook his head and Nick also was unaware of the audience he had drawn by now as he further climbed up the stairs to his shower. Derek looked after him as he disappeared behind the corner, just like everybody else did.




Nick entered the shower room slowly and for a moment he just stood there. All the water of his hair ran down his chest and his spine, with the light in the bathroom shining in a certain light as it underlined so well his muscular upper body, his broad chest and strong arms. He shook his head and sent more water flying around. With a casual flick of his wrist he threw the soaked shirt into a corner and watched it sliding down the wall. Then he slowly began to unbutton his pants. As much as he had wanted to rip them off he didn’t want to do that. He liked these jeans a lot for they usually showed much of his long legs without sitting too tight. But not tonight though. Tonight they were more than tight as wet as they were and looked as they would be painted to his muscular legs, formed by long years of training. They were almost glued onto his body, revealing more than usually about his thighs and behind but it was not that he was ashamed of his body. In fact he loved the way he looked and did a good job to keep himself in shape. And every minute he spend working out was very well appreciated by the women he met, although he’d never had much luck with them.


His hands worked at the buttons of his jeans, and one by one he undid them. It took him some time to slowly peel his jeans down, tight as they were but then he stepped out off them and put them aside where they now joined his shirt. Nick studied himself in front of the mirror and acknowledged with a satisfied nod his appearance which was just about everything a girl would want in a man; broad shoulders, muscular chest and upper body, washboard abdomen and strong arms to hold them close, not to mention the view at his behind.


His mood was improving with time but he would need that hot shower dearly to relax completely. He knew that and wanted nothing more than to get under the stream of hot water right now. With catlike grace he stretched his body which was completely nude, now that he had gotten rid of his underwear and opened the shower cabin to step inside.


Unnoticed by him and hidden in the shadows, there was someone watching him, the glance of the persons eyes slowly trailing down the muscles on Nick’s body, approvingly noticing the swelling muscles and broad chest, a body made for loving. The person licked her lips appreciately and remained hidden, enjoying the view.


Nick turned on the shower and soon was surrounded with the hot steam that slowly filled the shower cabin and he warmed up. The more the hot water ran down his body and made the cold clammy feeling of the rainwater vanish the more did his mood improve right now and a smile began to form on his lips. He fetched the bottle with soap from the shelf and began rubbing soap all over his body, his hands very slowly moving over one arm then the other, rubbing it on his skin. His hands then wandered to his chest and his muscles, which were not too many but definitely there. He massaged the soap into the hair on his chest and shoulders and he loved the feeling of the hot water pouring down over him, mixing with the soft caress of the soap. Nick took another hand full of the soap and directed his hands to continue putting it all over his body as they were moving deeper down.


The watcher liked what she saw, liked it a lot to be honest and she could not get enough of the man standing in the shower. The parts of his body that were to be seen through the milky glass of the shower and the steam were fairly inviting and the person standing there did not want anything more than to step under the shower with him, but then just watching after all was more than nothing.




Nick still stood underneath the head of the shower and let the warm water flow over his lean body, comforting him and calming him visibly down. He felt a lot more relaxed than before and continued rubbing his hands over his shoulders. At this time he faced the wall and had turned his back to the shower door. Nick never had noticed somebody watching him, nor did he feel now that someone was emerging out of the shadows, taking off her own clothes and coming up to the shower.


Nick was silently humming to himself, a smile crept up his lips and at this moment he did not want to leave the hot steaming shower for a long time. It was so peaceful and felt like heaven to him, so relaxing and to him it was always one of the most beautiful things to do. Just standing there in the shower and letting the hot water splashing over his body, fully encased with the steam.


He was so caught in his thoughts, that he did not hear the shower cabin’s door opening. But then, suddenly he felt slender fingers gently tracing down his spine. At first he didn’t notice it but then it felt like sparking electricity, his body reacted as if he had received an electric shock as these fingers ran down his back, following all his muscles down and then coming forward around his washboard abdomen. He felt like he was dreaming, it was just the thing he had been imagining only moments before but these hands now felt so real on his skin and as she came closer he also felt her hot and rapid breath next to his ear as she closed her arms around him, pressing her hot body against his and then silently whispered to him, to be silent and that he had not to worry.


“Shhh, luv. I won’t harm you. Don’t turn around.”


The hair on his neck stood up, but not from fear but of pure pleasure as she slowly began trailing down her fingers and hands tenderly over his wet body, rubbing over his muscles on his arms and gently kissed him on his shoulder. He did as he was told, but in his inner he felt the heat growing as his body reacted to her touches. His pulse was racing, his heart beating so fast that it would almost jump off his chest, as she softly planted more kisses on his shoulders and touched him again.


He had never felt anything like this before and neither had she.


Her breath had sped up and her heart beat also was running fast. The heat was growing to almost unbearable proportions and each touch of her gentle fingers sent new waves of pleasure and electricity through his body, he felt his arousal rising and his nipples were hardening underneath her fingertips. She felt it too and she played a bit more with the them, entangling her long fingers in his chest hair; playfully she pulled at it and he bit back a small moan but could not prevent it completely from escaping his mouth. His breathing grew more and more faster and his pulse was racing more rapidly now. These sensations filled him with ecstasy and desire and he wanted nothing more than to touch her also, to feel her body pressed against his and to hold her tight, to kiss her hard on her lips and take her breath away with it.


Although she had told him not to turn around, he turned to face her and was a bit surprised at whom he found. Her face was gentle and elegantly shaped, her lips full and red from excitement. Her long hair clung to her body, fell over her shoulders and over her breasts, wet and dark, her chest rose and fell with every breath she took. Her skin was so soft and he inhaled the scent of her, flowery but spicy at the same time, mixed with the scent of the soap he had used, that now also was on her. She had long legs that seemed not to end and her thighs brushed against his as he pulled her nearer towards him.


Her fingers touched his chest, again caught themselves in the hair there and stayed, it felt hot underneath her fingertips and it was like electricity that sparked between her and Nick. She let out a small yelp of surprise when he had turned her around but it was also the deep desire she felt inside her. He pulled her close and she pressed her body to his, his hands keeping her from backing away.


She had almost flinched when he first had touched her skin, his fingers were burning with desire like they both were and she felt the fire that sprang over to her when he first made contact. Gently his fingers stroked over her shoulders and he held her in his arms, her heart beat no longer countable and her breath heavy with desire.


Where his fingers and hands had touched her, she felt like she had been burnt and every new touch sent sensations of electricity, desire and lust through her whole body. She moaned silently and she wanted him badly to hold her, to further touch her and maybe more…


Nick was shuddering with pure lust and excitement, his body temperature hot and not just from the hot water that was still pouring down on both of them. His hands moved fast over her body and hers over his, every single touch sent new waves of pleasure and desire through their bodies, sparking with electricity. Their naked bodies entangled into their embrace, each new skin contact felt hot to their touches, almost too hot to touch and burning.


Nick gently took her chin in his hands, raised her head so that they were at eye-level and he looked deep into her eyes. She did not return his glances at first, but then she lost herself into his deep loving eyes, so full of warmth and feelings for her. She so much wanted him to love her, but she wasn’t sure whether he truly returned her feelings. She had never before felt this strong emotion of love before and now as she was looking into his eyes that held her prisoner now she felt it mixing with lust.


The hot water ran over both their bodies, he held her close in his arms, just being with her made him happier than no other man on earth would be at this moment. Holding her was more than anything he had ever wanted to do and his heart jumped excitedly. Gently he pulled some wet strands of her hair out of her face and raised her chin, his thumb stroking over full lips, so trembling with desire and then he kissed her.


At first his lips tenderly brushed hers and she felt like she was being electrified, then he kissed her again and she returned the kiss, so full of passion and love, so full of desire and lust. He pulled her closer to his body, her chest pressed to his and he felt her nipples hardening between them, standing out against his chest. But he just held her tight, strong hands that did not want to let her go. Nick deepened the kiss, putting all his emotions into it. He parted her lips with his tongue and she took him willingly, the tip of her tongue playfully searching his darting one in her mouth.


The heat was rising, the steam covering their bodies as they remained in their deep embrace, almost as one in body and soul, their hearts and minds melded together. The passion too rising with their body heat, their heart beat as one but the beating no longer countable. The kisses they shared had increased in passion as had their pulses.


Gently Nick ran his fingers over her breasts, touching the hardened nipples and squeezed them tenderly. She let out another moan of pleasure and kissed him harder. Nick broke the kiss and she almost cried out when his lips left hers, but then he cupped her breast in his hands and his head moved farther down. His kisses were trailing the lines of her upper body, her breasts as he kissed them and it felt to her like her body was on fire. His tongue played with one nipple and the other one was gently stroked by his fingers. He then took it in his mouth and sucked on it. She drew in a sharp breath and then truly did cry out in pleasure.


Her veins were on fire, it was like hot liquid running through her whole body as she shuddered. She ran her fingers through his hair, pulling him closer and never wanting to let go. Her eyes closed she threw her head back, simply enjoying the pure pleasure of his touches, his mouth sucking on her breast and his tongue playing with the hard nipple. She felt her arousal and her thoughts had long ceased to be coherently, way over the edge of normality and right into ecstasy and dreaming. It felt like she was drowning in a sea of lust and desire and the one man who could fulfil all this was standing right in front of her.


Nick also felt aroused and he loved the soft feeling of her skin underneath his fingertips, her hot skin not only heated from the water but also from passion. Her hands in running through his hair, she pulled him back up to her and kissed him, then she pushed him against the wall and told him, not to move, taking over control again.


Her kisses were covering his neck, her hot breath against his ear as she was purring soft promises into it, her hands showing that she could make them come true as they were wandering deeper. Her lips also moved down and she kissed his chest, licking on the nipples on his chest and teasingly playing her tongue around one of them, biting the sensitive bud.


Nick moaned loudly and arched his back, he wanted to hold her and kiss her, he wanted so much more, completely aroused and his excitement showing but she was far from being finished.


She was rubbing her body against his now and felt him underneath her, excited and on fire. Slowly she made her way down to his navel and kissed him, licking around it and sending another wave of pleasure shuddering through Nick’s body. Pleased she noticed the fire that ran so obviously through his body and returned to licking his erect nipples, producing even more lustful shudders in Nick, and also in herself. He moaned loudly again and pressed her even more closer to him, savouring the feeling of her hard nipples against his chest, her hot and wet body in his arms and her electrifying skin against his. Her face now so close to his, she was moaning softly into his ears, her hot breath felt even hotter against his cheeks.


Passion, lust and desire mingled with the hot steam of the shower as they both became even more bolder in their touches and deep kisses. Both of them felt the fire rushing through their veins and the waves of pleasure rolling over them. Their hands moved faster over their bodies, gently tracing each others muscle lines as she ran her fingers down his chest, entangling her fingers in his chest hair and pressing her body against his, wanting to feel him. His desire for her rose and he felt it deep inside as well as he could feel hers. She felt the heat rising between her thighs, she wanted him and she wanted him badly and so did he…


Nick pressed her against the wall in the shower, the cold wall sent shivers of new pleasure through her body but it did not manage to cool her off, for the heat that she felt inside her and that was radiating from Nick who held her in his strong arms was more than enough to trigger her lust and desire. His skin felt so good on her body, the steam of the hot water clouding part of his body but not his desire and she could no longer hold back. Neither could he and he pulled her close to him, kissed her with so much passion like he hadn’t done before. They both knew that it would only be a matter of moments before they would be taken over the edge and also that there would be no return. But neither she nor he wanted to stop.


Her body pressed tight against the wall, he came closer and his hands that had been wandering over her body went deeper. She moaned with pleasure and snuggled deeper into his embrace, so much wanting him right now and he could no longer hold back, his own excitement clearly showing against her. Nick felt her fingers, she gently pulled again at the hair on his chest, touching him and biting, kissing him deep and passionately. A small groan escaped his lips. His breathing became more rapid as her tongue played with his and then her hands slid down deeper. The fire that was burning inside him was now unbearably stirring in his groin, setting it also on fire. He pulled her towards him and she slung her long legs around his hips, her back to the wall and her hands behind his back, wandering slowly downwards, squeezing. 


Their desire now truly had reached a point where there was no return, the lust showing in their touches, their passion in their kisses. They felt like they were driven over the edge of lust and passion. They let themselves be pushed over and there was no point in holding back any longer as he pushed her legs apart…




As the steam of the hot shower surrounded Nick’s body more and more and began to cloud the whole room thicker than before, the watcher retreated again back into the shadows. He almost was no longer to be seen, hidden from views by the steaming water, but not so from her imagination.


She licked her lips, remembering and felt her heart beat rising as had done her pulse, her breathing become heavy and she felt excited, her body burning with more desire and lust than before, burning fire searing through her veins and heating her up from the inside.


A broad and very pleased grin was now displayed on her face, she well remembered and thought to herself that just watching him standing there in the shower might not have been that bad after all.


At least for now…





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