Welcome between the Shadows and the Night. This is my personal fanfiction archive for all my Poltergeist the Legacy related fanfiction.

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one shots
Missed chances (G)
Nick came here to this grave all the passed years on this day, but this year it is harder for him, for this year he knows the truth and that he would never get a second chance to tell or hear the things he so much wishes for. My first PTL fic.
(also available in German)

Unspoken but not unheard (G)
Sometimes we are not able to tell the ones that are close to our hearts what we truly feel about and for them, and then it is too late. But have all these things really been unheard?
(also available in German)

A tale of belief and faith (PG)
In a church two men meet who could not have been more different judging by their appearances but then are much more alike than their appearances would lead you to believe. (PTL/X-Men x-over)
(also available in German)

'twas the week before Christmas (G)
It was the week before Christmas and chaos and plain uncensored fun ensued in the San Franciso Legacy House. Written as a Christmas gift for a few fellow fans.

Hot Shower live (NC-17)
This one is just a short piece about Nick and is exactly what the title says. But I cannot say more without revealing the story completely *g*.

serial fics
In the wake of the events of the PTL finale "The Beast Within" the members of the legacy have to pick up the pieces of all that's left. This is a short insight into every member of the Legacy House in San Francisco at the time of the final episode and how each of them deals with the fallout. Stories are not chronologically, each can be seen as a standalone as well.

Who else if not we? (PG)
There are times in our lives when we wonder, whether the things we do are worth all the pain we have to go through. After a great tragedy the most reluctant member of the Legacy team comes again to think about her life and work for the Legacy organization - Rachel Corrigan. (First in the "Poltergeist" series).
(also available in German)

Legacy (PG)
On the day they all know that has to come one day, they have come together to pay their last respects to one of them. But there on this day, one of them has to think of the effect that their precept has had on him and with what he has entrusted him. And he wonders whether he is grown up enough and worth the faith that Derek had in him - Nick Boyle. (Second part of the “Poltergeist” series)
(also available in German)

Not the end (PG)
When we mourn, in those times of great pain and loss we sometimes cannot see clearly through all these tears. But we should not forget, that we should not just grieve over those who we have lost and were close to our hearts but that we also should celebrate the life they had and always treasure their memory for death does not only have to be an end. It can also be a new beginning - Pater Phillip Callaghan. (Third part of the “Poltergeist” series.)
(also available in German)

Value of a friend (PG)
Sometimes we cannot see beyond what is in front of us and the true value of our beloved remains hidden behind our own blindness. It is strange that this blindness can sometimes only be lifted by the loss of this person, that we can only see their true value for us once they are lost forever while we always have taken them for granted - Alex Moreau. (Fourth part of the "Poltergeist" series)
(also available in German)

Through a child's eyes (PG)
Would it hurt so much to see the world through different eyes at times; to see it again with the innocence that only a child is able to see it? - Katherine Corrigan. (Fifth part of the "Poltergeist" series)
(also available in German)



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