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Starsky & Hutch


A secret well kept (G)
A small thing that hasn't been revealed, a secret to keep by any cost, otherwise the consequences of the action will have grave repercussions. Missing scene for "The Specialist".

The perfect tree (G)
Small Christmas ficlet for a Secret Santa exchange. It couldn't be that hard to find the perfect tree, could it?

In another reality (R)
What if Starsky and Hutch had never met at the academy but at a much later point in their lives? What if that meeting had turned out differently? challenge response (warning: character death)

Surprise me (PG)
He thought nothing could ever surprise him. (slash)

Stuck (PG)
There are some truths suspected, some told and some even implied. So much, inside just one little elevator.

Career options (G)
Starsky's pondering on his career options after the force. Missing scene for "Tapdancing their way right back into your hearts"

Torero - Te quiero (PG)
It's love at first sight, it's a little play acting, it's a promise for more later... Missing scene for "Tapdancing their way right back into your hearts" (slash)

Touch (G)
If I touch him, everything will be real... Missing scene for "Sweet Revenge", Hutch POV

Beneath the pale moonlight (G)
He didn't want to lie but for his partners safety and his own, he had to. AU

By the light of the moon (G)
He wasn't sure what to think of this, the fact that he didn't seem to be as alone as he thought he was (sequel to "Beneath the pale moonlight") AU

...the very things I do not wish to (R)
I remember the very things I do not wish to...Missing scene for "The Fix"

The dance (G)
It could have been us (slash unrequited)

It isn't Vegas, but what happens at the Pits should probably stay there as well (PG-13)
You just shouldn't stick your fingers everywhere without protection... (warning: crackfic, mpreg, sort of slash)

Sweet Revenge (R)
I have been merciful to you the last time, that proved to be a mistake. I won't make a mistake again (Missing scene for "Starsky's Lady")

Sorry (PG-13)
I am sorry for your loss...Starsky POV

Porn star (R)
I am not a porn star...Hutch POV, missing scene for "Tapdancing their way right back into your hearts"

Only if you get caught (R)
Only if you get caught... (missing scene for "Sweet Revenge")

My partner, our mothers and me (PG)
Maybe it wasn't such a bad idea after all... Hutch POV

Failure to communicate (PG)
How could we let it get this bad?...Starsky POV, missing scene for "Starsky vs Hutch"

Tell me the truth (G)
Tell me the truth...(warning: crack-fic) (slash)

drabble me this, drabble me that...

In another reality (R)
In another reality, we might have been friends (AU, warning: character death)

The bottom (G)
I don't see why I have to be the one on the bottom again...

The One (G)
I thought he'd be the one... (slash implied)

Blank canvasses (G)
Such lovely blank canvasses for me to work on... prequel for "May 20th, 1979"

May 20th 1979 (G)
I was wrong, it's not self-mutilation... (post SR)

The tattoo (G)
I know what it is, but why? follow-up to "May 20th, 1979", double drabble

A special meaning (PG)
It has a special meaning for the one wearing it...triple drabble

The shortcut (G)
I thought I'd take a shortcut over the empty parking lot...

A very short story (G)
I told you so...

Pep talk (G)
A different kind of consoling from a different kind of source for somebody completely unsuspected...

To the top (PG)
...it will lead you to the top (slash)

Gran Torino (G)
It's not about you...

Getting a grip (R)
Getting a better grip on the new car... (slash)

B is for burgeoning (R)
Psst, hey you... sequel for "Getting a grip" (slash)

It's the car, right? (PG)
It's the car, chicks love the car... (slash)

Red Torino Syndrome (G)
Terrible news everyone...

Deceiving Appearances (G)
I can't tell him I made it myself, Starsky would flip... Huggy POV, missing scene for "Voodoo Island"

The hardest way (R)
It is said that failure was the hardest way to learn (warning: character death, dark themes, suicide) double drabble

Rain (G)
I have too many bad memories associated with it to like it anymore... Starsky POV

Always too early (G)
When it rains on a funeral, it means the person being buried hadn't wanted to die yet... sequel to "Rain", Hutch POV (warning: character death)

What you're already having (G)
I marvel at how they are still so deeply in love, even after so many years... Hutch POV

The kiss (G)
You kissed me... missing scene tag for "Death in a different place" (slash)

A special gift (G)
I wasn't happy with his choice... Starsky's mom POV triple drabble

A special dinner (G)
So this was it, this was the call I'd been dreading to get ever since he became a cop... Starsky's mom POV, sequel to "A special gift" triple drabble

Try me (PG-13)
Wanna try me? (slash)

Even worse (G)
Are you telling me that I'm fat? (warning: crackfic, mpreg) double drabble

Now that's weird, even for him (G)
Have you noticed anything odd about your partner recently? companion piece for "Even worse" (warning: crackfic, mpreg) triple drabble

The child (G)
You sure you should be drinking in your condition? (warning: crackfic, mpreg)

The snitch (G)
You're Starsky's snitch, aren't you?

The betrayal (G)
He's betrayed me, Hug... double drabble

The gun (PG-13)
This is why I keep it... double drabble

...of a beautiful friendship (G)
Everything has its place, at the right time... double drabble

Disco Cab (G)
Wanna take a ride in my disco cab?

The first time (G)
It was the first time, but wouldn't remain the last... Hutch POV

Didn't mean to (R)
Don't scream, it'll only make it worse...(missing scene for "The Crying Child", warning: images of child abuse)

Scream for me (R)
He never screamed... (missing scene for "Bloodbath", warning: images of torture)

Silence (PG-13)
There is only one thing that is worse than a scream...

Disco Stick (R)
Doesn't mean you wouldn't wanna do it... (slash)

Perfect (G)
I still can't believe she said yes when I'd asked her out ... Hutch POV (prequel to "Victim of changes")

Victim of changes (R)
Changes had come over her, she doesn't see me anymore...Hutch POV, pre-series double drabble

Through a father's eyes (G)
Am I proud of my son? Hutch's father POV double drabble

The truth I cannot tell (PG)
He's a junkie! Hutch POV (missing scene for "The Fix")

Snowstorm (PG)
Stay tuned...(slash/gen)

Fooled again (PG)
Next week...(slash/gen) (sequel to "Snowstorm")

Hindsight (PG)
I knew that hindsight was a bitch... Hutch POV (missing scene for "The Fix")

A simple answer (G)
You're asking me why I was doing it? Dobey POV

Numb (G)
When they told me that I'd never be able to work as a police officer again, I felt like I'd been punched in the gut... Starsky POV (AU missing scene for "Sweet Revenge") double drabble

For an audience of one (G)
Why do I keep the role up... Hutch POV

The Fix (PG)
Today's shoot will be ... (slash/gen)

Toss of the coin (PG)
Funny, how one simple decision can have such an impact... Simonetti POV

Kinda grows on you (PG)
He kinda grows on you... Dryden POV

The Christmas Special (PG)
It's the annual Christmas Special (slash/gen)

Normal ain't what it used to be (PG)
It ain't normal... (slash)

You can't do that (PG)
Are you crazy? You can't do that...

Getting it right (PG)
Okay, we can start taping the commerical... (slash/gen)

My first love (PG)
It's just like the song says...Hutch POV (slash)

Twilight (PG)
Would you still love me if I'd been turned into a vampire... (slash) double drabble

A familiar embarassment (PG)
Know that feeling when your family embarasses you? double drabble

Glowing circumstances (PG)
Hutch, are you okay? (warning: crackfic, mpreg)

The belt (PG)
Hey, Hutch. What's that?

A love story (PG)
He noticed me, he really noticed me... Fifi POV

What's your childhood trauma? (PG)
When Ken was little, he loved Christmas...

Three little words (PG)
She's been looking so wonderful lately, almost like she's glowing...Hutch POV triple drabble

Four little words (PG)
I have to tell him...Vanessa POV (sequel to "Three little words", please read that before) triple drabble

Entertainment Tonight (PG)
Welcome to an exclusive look behind the scenes...

Dancing Queen (G)
I don't dance...

Normal Again (PG)
Mrs. Starsky, I didn't want to give you the bad news over the phone...

Dancing (G)
I can't help but wonder... Starsky POV

Fisherman's friend (G)
Another day, another episode teaser...

Gun class (PG)
Damn you Hutchinson! Starsky POV (slash)

I feel so good... (R)
Is it possible to feel that good that you feel nothing at all? Hutch POV (slash unrequited)

And whose fault is that? (G)
You let him get away...

Fallen Children (G)
I took care of the boys, no matter that they weren't my own...Joe Durniak POV

I remember (R)
I remember the first time I shot someone...Hutch POV (AU for "Sweet Revenge", warning: suicidal themes)

Fixing it (PG)
How the hell can this be fixed...Starsky POV/Hutch POV (missing scene for "The Fix")

Just do it (G)
Quit whining and just do it...

In another man's shoes (G)
Going undercover, walking in another man's shoes can be fun... Starsky POV

Streetwear (G)
You know what I've always wondered...

At its end (G)
Its fate would be becoming a burnt out skeleton of charred metal...Hutch POV (missing scene for "The Set-Up")

Writers on the round table (G)
Alright, it's that time of the year...(gen/slash)

Hutch (PG)
His new friend had given him a nickname...Vanessa POV

Nordic Ancestry (PG)
Not sure what this whole fasting and health shakes should bring... Abby POV

Pigtails (G)
I was a little hurt and this had only been the recent fun made at my expense... Starsky POV (slash)

Hellish Alchemy (PG)
Love, easy to obtain yet so fleeting from our grasp ... Starsky POV (slash)

In Memoriam (G)
You walk up to his grave, like you do every year on that day...

serial fics

Nightwork (vampire AU series)

Into every generation there are Slayers, children born with the power to hunt vampires...

I'll never tell (G)
He thinks I'm too damn afraid of them, thinks I'm crazy to believe that they are real, but I'll never tell... AU missing scene for "The Vampire", Starsky POV (companion piece to "Hiding in plain sight") 1/2

Hiding in plain sight (G)
The best way to hide is after all to remain in plain sight... AU missing scene for "The Vampire", Hutch POV (companion piece to "I'll never tell") 2/2

Halloween (G)
It's my one free night of the year, maybe he'll come with me this time to unwind

At first sight (G)
I knew who he was when I've first met him

Nightwork (PG)
When he told me about it, I thought he was kidding. I mean, vampires aren't real, are they? (pre-series)

The new car (G)
Did you hear, he's got a new car

No use (G)
It won't be much use to me... (drabble)

Not much use (G)
I never had much use for them... companion piece for "No use" (drabble)

Prince of the city (R)
There is a new master vampire in town and he's trying to take over, by all means necessary (AU for 'The Fix')

A cold dish (PG-13)
Revenge is a dish best served cold (AU missing scene for "Starsky's Lady")

Second Sight (psychic AU series)

They say that knowledge is power. For me that power is my curse.

The gift of foresight (G)
I knew they'd come to me for my gift, they always do... Collandra POV (AU Missing scene for "The Psychic", works as a prequel for "Not this time" but isn't necessarily)

Not this time (PG-13)
It shouldn't have come as such a surprise to me, after all I'd seen it happen before... Hutch POV (AU missing scene for "Sweet Revenge")

Fractured (R)
The mind is a very fragile thing, the future firmly set in stone. Both are pretty images, shattered so easily... (AU for "The Fix")

What might have been (G)
When I first met Starsky, I had this feeling that he would become a great father one day... Hutch POV (AU missing scene for "Starsky's Lady") double drabble

Comforting knowledge (G)
I know that I won't die here... (AU missing scene for "Survival")

Unforeseen (G)
If you see everything that happens, it can make you cocky. (AU missing scene for "The game")

Mirror fragments (PG-13)
Sometimes, when you look into the mirror, you'll see yourself. And other times you'll only see fragments... (AU for "The Psychic")

Silent Partner

Every cop has a partner to protect him, have his back and be at his side. Some of them are silent partners...

Backup (PG)
When you've got a partner, you always expect him to have your back at any time. And David Starsky's partner was very good at his job, he had to be.

The car (G)
It all started with that damn car...

Sad wings of destiny (PG)
Sometimes the hardest part of your job is actually doing it. (warning: character death)

Still life

I knew this would be trouble when I asked him to pose for me... (all slash, all rated R)

Still life
The one that started it, the original version

Still life - the mad author remix
It all started with the snippet

Still life - the drabble
Same drawing in shorthand

Scenes from the studio

The studio, a magickal place where phantasies are brought to life on paper or film...

Still life (R)
I knew this would be trouble when I asked him to pose for me...

If you got it (R)
Well, as they say, if you got it, flaunt it...


Blood Ties

Forgiveness (G)
Can you find forgiveness for a betrayal like this? Missing scene for "Heart of Fire"

Punishment to fit the crime (PG)
What might be the perfect punishment for the crime? Missing scene for "Heart of Fire"

Trust (G)
Can you truly trust someone or do you need a safety net for it sometimes, especially when it comes to a vampire? Missing scene for "Heart of Fire"

Betrayal (G)
Betrayal is something that stabs deep, especially when it is done by somebody you thought you trusted. But are you able to throw stones? sort of sequel for 'Trust' and missing scene for "Norman"

The truth about vampires (PG)
It's the truth we've all been suspecting and never dared to imagine ;)


Star Trek Voyager

Home (G)
Not everybody has the same definition of home, for some it's not the one the crew is returning to.

Voice with no name (G)
Once there have been many voices, now there is only one left.

No choice (PG)
There are decisions in life that need to be made, but is it always us who actually make them?

Homecoming (G)
It's different for each of them, the most different though for the one that isn't exactly returning home. What does their homecoming mean to her? (follow-up to Home)


Star Trek Enterprise

The best and the brightest (G)
They are Starfleet's finest, right?


The Pretender

Too many faces (G)
Taught to be many, who is it really looking back to you from out of the mirror?