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The rating for each fic is behind the title

one shots
Living with the lie (R)
What is it like to live with the knowledge, that you did, what you've done? Just a glimpse into the soul of one of the participants in the Morlock Massacre, his guilt and how he manages to live on with it. A little character study of a person who has everything to lose, should his whole past be laid open some day. My very first fanfiction piece. (Warning: the story contains the descriptions of some scenes of the Morlock Massacre.)
(also available in German)

A touch of evil (R)
Seen as a character study of one of the most famous scientists of the Marvel Universe, this story describes the thin line between the morally justifiable and the reprehensible in science and that the classification in good and evil simply can be a matter of looking at certain things. (Warning: the story contains graphic descriptions of scientific and medical experiments)
(also available in German)

Sinister reflections (R)
(companion piece to 'A touch of evil')
Basically a short look into the thoughts of Dr. Nathaniel Essex during 'A touch of evil', which should be read before this one.
(also available in German)

Body Prisoner (G)
What does it feel like if your body is a prison your mind is trapped in; when you are not able to touch another human being?
(also available in German)

Breaking the Law (PG) The reflections of a certain thief while being in prison; about what brought him that far in the first place. (slight x-over with WildC.A.T.s)
(also available in German)

Victim of changes (PG)
(sequel to 'Breaking the Law')
Begins right where 'Breaking the Law' ended and shows a possible way how Remy ended up to work for Sinister in the first place. (slight x-over with WildC.A.T.s)
(also available in German)

A tale of belief, love and trust (PG)
A little glimpse into the minds of three different X-Men concerning the things that are important to them (Nightcrawler, Rogue, Gambit)
(also available in German)

Break out (G)
What if you are constantly being held back by the chains of your powers? Who knows better what this is like than Rogue. But not tonight, for tonight she enjoys a moment of freedom, of happiness.
(also available in German)

Blood Red Skies (R)
We are what our surroundings and the people there have made us, but also what we have decided for ourselves to remain to be. Sometimes we understand this choice, other times we might not. A little character study about the circumstances that can make a man the man he is; a cold blooded monster - or does lie the truth, the reason for such a behaviour or choice of actions far deeper inside? This one's about Sabretooth. (Warning: the story contains description of child abuse over years and violence)
(also available in German)

Close to you (PG)
Sometimes people consider it a blessing to have a healing power but they don't know the whole truth about it, for it also can become a curse as Logan was to find out (Logan/Ororo, deathfic).
(also available in German)

Fallen Hero (PG-13)
When a hero falls, he takes somebody else down with him. Or is it the other way around? (Warning: character death)
(also available in German)

Ashes to Ashes (PG)
Today they have gathered to bury someone of their own, the one they probably never thought to loose. (either sequel to 'Fallen Hero' or can also stand alone. Warning: character death)
(also available in German)

serial fics
A study in Romance
This is a series of fics centering around Jean and Logan and they are based on the movie. They are to be read in posted order.

Needle in my heart (PG)
It's the beginning of a study in romance, a short movie based fic about the feelings Logan and Jean might have for each other, told from his and her point of view.
(also available in German)

Don't walk away (PG)
What if Rogue hadn't been the only one looking after Logan as he left the mansion at the end of the movie? What if there had been somebody else, who has now become clarity of her feelings for him...
(also available in German)

Prisoner of your eyes (PG)
Logan is gone and now he begins to think that it might have been the biggest mistake he could have made in his life for he is still drawn to her, into her eyes...
(also available in German)

Shot through the heart (PG)
Well, it's time to throw in another player into this game, isn't it? One both Logan and Jean seem to have forgotten about...
(also available in German)

Lonely is the night (PG)
The nights in the mansion can be very lonely, especially for a broken lover. Well Jean and Logan are finally together, or are they not...
(also available in German)

Window to heaven (PG)
On a lonly clearing in the middle of the woods, a man is thinking about the woman he loves. It's up to you to decide whose feelings and thoughts they might be, Logan's or Scott's...
(also available in German)

What took you so long? (PG)
It's the finale, and I thought I'd give them a happy ending after all, or isn't it one...
(also available in German)

A study in Romance - An epilogue (PG)
It's the aftermath of my study in Romance. What I began with a couple I will end with one. A man who had had to loose everything and has lost and a woman who had not only been able to win through her decision.
(also available in German)

A tale of two lovers
This is a series of fics centering around Rogue and Remy and their relationships during particular events in comic history. Each can be seen as a stand-alone fic if not noted differently.

What kind of fool am I? (PG)
Remy reflects about his love after she had left him standing in the theatre in Seattle and also about himself.
(also available in German)

Waiting for the sky to fall (PG)
Before the skies come down, two lovers share a very private moment, one they think to be their last and only chance to truly express their feelings for each other in one gentle gesture. My take on the Kiss, Remy and Rogue shared in Israel.
(also available in German)

Before the dawn (PG)
(companion piece to 'Waiting for the sky to fall')
One shared moment of closure and love before the dawn of the morning will mean the end of the world. Remy's point of view of the Kiss.
(also available in German)

While you were sleeping (PG)
(sequel to 'Waiting for the sky to fall' and 'Before the dawn')
The aftermath of their shared kiss in Israel, as Rogue has returned to visit Remy before he wakes up.
(also available in German)

True love (PG)
After one of many heated arguments between Rogue and Remy he is left thinking about his feelings for her and what she means to him.
(also available in German)

Flying on the wings of tenderness (PG)
Someone is watching Rogue's sleep, thinking about his relationship with her.
(also available in German)



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